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Ceramic Bracket

Ceramic Bracket

Tooth structure production as a ceramic plate suitable for the patient’s tooth structure is done with ceramic bracket treatment. With the help of this plaque, it is aimed to have a healthy tooth structure directly without using any wires. This newly prepared ceramic tooth structure is very suitable for daily use and is produced in accordance with the patient’s tooth structure in order to avoid any problems.

With this dental treatment method, it is produced with the teeth that will be used just like their own teeth, thanks to the plaques prepared in accordance with the person’s own tooth structure. This new tooth structure is made together with our specialist dentists in accordance with the person’s mouth structure.

How is Ceramic Bracket Treatment Applied?

In general, ceramic bracket treatment is used for people with crooked teeth and crooked alignment. In addition, this treatment is applied when the lower and upper jaws of the person are out of proportion to each other. This method helps to correct the jaw disorder as soon as possible. This method, which is applied in order to prevent the problem of overlapping on the teeth, should be done very carefully.

Otherwise, this bracket will damage the teeth and jaw structure. The patient’s jaw and tooth structure become worse. In addition, the person should be very careful about the maintenance after the use of ceramic brackets. The reason for this is that ceramic brackets cover a large part of the tooth structure. Negative situations that may occur after regular dental care are prevented.

How Does the Ceramic Bracket Treatment Process Work?

The structure of this method has an opaque whiteness. For this reason, it is often preferred. Known for its whiteness, the ceramic bracket type is prepared and fitted in accordance with your teeth. What kind of structure the attached ceramic bracket will have is observed for a while and the removal process is applied accordingly.

In the applied procedures, the shape of the ceramic bracket is very solid and it settles on your teeth without any problems. Another most important feature of this bracket shape is that it appears very low on the tooth. In this way, you can use these braces without being too obvious on the tooth. This ceramic bracket structure is generally recommended for adults due to its durability.

What is the Price of Ceramic Bracket Treatment?

An exact price information cannot be given for the price of ceramic-based bracket treatment. This is because each person’s mouth structure is different. In this case, the person should pay a suitable price for the ceramic bracket that is suitable for his or her mouth size.

You can make an appointment by calling our company first in order to find out the best price for you. In the examination made after the appointment, if our doctor deems ceramic bracket treatment suitable for you, he or she will adjust the braces that are suitable for your mouth size. Afterwards, it offers you braces service according to the price list. Our company, which is fully expert in our clinic, works in a very professional way. You can contact us immediately in any negative situation about ceramic bracket.